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Twitch Cute Pink Crane Arcade Overlay Package

Twitch Cute Pink Crane Arcade Overlay Package

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Perfect for any streamer looking to add a cute and unique touch to their channel!
This is a full twitch stream package!
Set includes:

-4 Full Screen Overlays (2 with a webcam area and 2 without)
-2 Chat Box Border Overlays (large & small)
-1 Webcam Border Overlay
-2 Label bars + individual labels
-4 Stream screens (BRB, Starting soon, Offline, Thanks for watching)
-6 Static alerts (New follower, new subscriber, new cheer, new raid, new donation, new host)
-1 Background
-25 aesthetic pixel panels (320px x 135px)

All files are .png with transparent backgrounds.
Artwork is hand drawn by me, MoshiMochi!

Panels Included:
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